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Lady_ g  um what can I say except dynomite!!!!
Ive known this lady for quite sometime now and i've
always known she had a soulful blues voice. I think it took her a minute to actually realize what I was telling her was true. But this time unlike others all it took was encouragement on my part, and effort on hers to move the cloud away from a star that is ready to shine. I really believe she has what it takes to make it.
Love always, Christopher (blueboy) Rayson.
                                 (Bass Guitarist)

Green Growing Musical Note

Hi, my name is Gloria (Lady_g) Hall I was Born and raised in a small city called Marshall Tx I'm the youngest child of three my mother raised three children alone, two girls one boy.  we didn't have a lot growing up cause it was very hard back then for a woman to raise and keep four fed and clothed but my moms did it.
I remeber one thing we always had and never ran out of and that was music and lots of love my mother loved to listen to blues every chance she got so I guess you could say the I grew up on the blues.  I remember listening and learning the words to all the songs she played, my sister and brother liked them too, but for me it was more than just listening I became a walking jukebox full of the blues. As a teen I had developed my vocal skills, in school I took any and everything that had to do with music like choir and band.   I'm living the single life and loving it.. Other than singing around the house I joined several Gospel groups. Then I joined  my church and became a member of the choir this is where I really gained alot of exposure I loved it, yet I still longed for something and I believe it was that old root trying to resurface (The Blues).
So I came in contact with some sweet  and carring people who heard me sing the blues and said  to me, girl you been sittin down on your gift so then I thought to myself let me give this a try so I sat down one day and decided to do some writing and before I knew it I had written 8 songs.  I knew this guy (kin kin)  Kinny Miles who composes music and he got busy and came up with the music I needed for my songs, so now I'm getting ready to go into the studio and record my first CD  intitled (Tell Me What You wanna Do) I'm really excited about it and believe it can be a sucess, so pray with me and  for me. So look for me soon because as Dianna Ross said in the lyrics of one of her songs I'm comming outtttttttttt.

What's New?  Just to let you blues fans know Bobbie Mercy Oliver has a new cd out along with two other great cds. Go to his site at
 to check him out he is a very good blues artist. You can also visit online store at http://BuyMusicDirect.Com to purchase and listen to several tracks off the cd Mississippi Mudd.


Hey!!!!! check it out here is one of the Jam City Revue Bands group pic.


Green Spinning Musical Note



Update!!!!! hey, just letting everyone know I'm presently the female vocalist for the dynamic Bobbie(Mercy) Olive& The Jam City Revue Band in the great city of Marshall, Texas. So check out the band website below
to find out where we will be performing next.
Love&Happiness------------------------From Ladyg

Red Growing Musical Note



I truly believe i've reached a turning point in my life.
I spent most of my life sitting on my talent, it was'nt until recently I actually took it serious. A very close and dear friend gave me the drive I needed to get going, and for that i'll always love him. I have
started working on my upcomming CD (Tell Me What You Wanna Do).There will be 8 original tracks on this CD the lyrics were  written
by yours truly, and music composed by Mr. Kin Miles.
The media soundwave below is track2 (you don't know like I know)from my new cd entitled (Tell Me What You Wanna Do).  
As I progress and I truly believe I will, you will be kept informed here on my website. So thank you for coming to check it out and please come back to visit soon.

Red Spinning Musical Note

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.